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Message Subject The most successful method in dealing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Nice thread

thank you

Deaf Cat in the Blue Hat

You are a good model in fatherhood and transactions

[link to www.youtube.com]


Love shown to children is called "growth vitamin" by child psychology experts; because as a result of investigation and research, they have concluded that no kind of physical environment provided for a child or care shown can ever take the place of love.

On the other hand, in regard to socialization of the child, love that it has or has not seen plays a big role. When these realities are taken into consideration, it is obvious how important the love and interest the Prophet showed to children is from their perspective. The following examples of expressing love are manifestations of pure love in its most natural and plainest form that a father or grandfather can give a child.

Embracing: Recent studies made on the topic of people influencing one another demonstrate that physical touch is extremely effective. It is a fact that children who are still in the emotional development stage of childhood are perhaps most in need of love. It is foremost the duty of the parents to see that this need is sufficiently met. Many examples can be given on this subject from the Prophet's life:

Anas relates:

"I never saw anyone more compassionate to his family than the Prophet. The wet nurse of his son Ibrahim lived in one of Medina's border neighborhoods. The husband of the wet nurse was a blacksmith. Going there everyday to the smoke filled house, the Prophet would embrace, sniff and kiss the child "( Muslim,").

As was the topic of many narrations of the Companions, the Prophet, sometimes going to Hasan and Hussein and sometime calling them to him, would embrace and kiss them ( Tirmizi, ). He was not only showing this behavior for his own children, but for all children.

Ibn Rabia b. al-Haris relates: "My father sent me and Fazil, the son of Abbas, to the side of the Prophet. When we entered his presence, he had us sit on his right and left and then embraced us so tightly, we had never seen anyone stronger "(Ibn Hajer, .)

[link to www.youtube.com]
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