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Message Subject The most successful method in dealing
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Praying: A prayer heard from their elders is a sign to children that they are loved. This both makes them stronger psychologically and makes them feel loved. Many children of the Companions who received a prayer from the Prophet were distinguished on the material plane throughout their lives, just as they always felt the spiritual joy of it. In particular, Anas, for whom the Prophet prayed for "many children and much property, a long life and the things given to him to be good and blessed," lived for more than one hundred years and, with the bounty of the prayer, he received many blessings. Aisha related that the Prophet said the prayer of a father for his child was one of the prayers accepted and that he recommended it to those around him. He also made prayers for children who were brought to him for various reasons. The following are some examples:


"The Prophet would put me on one knee and his grandson Hassan on one knee and, suddenly embracing both of us, he would say," My Lord! Treat them with your mercy, because I am also merciful to them "().

Abdullah at-Tamimi's daughter Jamri relates: "My father would take me to the Prophet and ask him to pray for me. Then, the Prophet would sit me on his lap and, putting his hand on my head, he would pray for me "( Ibn Hajer,).

Amr b. Hurais relates: "My mother would take me to see the Prophet. The Prophet stroked my head and prayed that I would have abundance "().
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