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Message Subject The most successful method in dealing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The year 622 ... Two men weary from a long and tiresome journey, Muhammad (pbuh) and Abu Bakr, finally reach days later the Muslims from Medina who have come to meet them on the hills of "Seniyyetul-Veda." Among those coming to meet them from Medina were boys and girls dressed in their best clothing, enthusiastically playing the tambourines in their hands and singing a song of joy, "Talaal Badru Alaina." At just that moment the Prophet went to the side of the children to show openly that he gave them value and importance and to inform people of this. He asked the children:

"Do you love me?" The children responded in unison:

"Yes, we love you very much, O Messenger!" Then, giving them glad tidings, the Prophet said,

"I swear I love you too."

These tidings became so powerful and so far-embracing that they encompassed the whole Age of Happiness and included all children ... At last children were happy, because they had a "prophet" who valued them, gave them importance and loved them and wanted them to be loved and noticed and watched over.
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