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Look at what grew on my lemon wedge in the fridge! (weird hair-like growth!!!)


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United States
01/09/2013 10:44 PM

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Re: Look at what grew on my lemon wedge in the fridge! (weird hair-like growth!!!)
Uhh thats mold OP, congratulations on your amazing discovery. lolsign
 Quoting: Sneetch

Smart-ass reply. Meanwhile it was not a mold. It was a fungus.

Hang your head in shame. Or at the very least, bite your tongue before giving such a sure answer, when in reality, you were clueless.

That goes for the rest of you fools as well, who has a smart-alek response.
 Quoting: The Sonic Dreamer

At any rate, Sonic Dreamer, it was a science project.
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United States
01/09/2013 11:52 PM
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Re: Look at what grew on my lemon wedge in the fridge! (weird hair-like growth!!!)
Don't be concerned about the teasing. At least you're being observant. Most people are so disconnected from anything to do with science or Nature. They'd rather watch tv and see Justin Bieber.

People are getting stupider. I really think that. Not only are sperm counts dropping, I'd be willing to bet if we autopsied people and measured the number of neurons by volume, we'd see a decline in them over time.

Our ancestors knew so much about Nature because they had to in order to hunt, fish, gather wild edibles, collect herbs, raise horses and livestock, explore caves, canoe, etc. Today, if it's not on the Internet and requires a minimum of effort, then a lot of people won't try to stimulate their brains by personal exploration. Read Civil War correspondence and you'll see how eloquent and educated they were. Compare that to a typical response here or an email.

Go outside some and explore your surroundings. There's a lot of common healing herbs in meadows and forests. Very cool slime molds on trees. Unusual species of birds like Great Blue Herons with immense wing spans or listening to Great Horned Owls or the magnificent flight of Red Tailed Hawks. The world is very magical, you just found that out with common molds.

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