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Message Subject Help me to identify these crystals/stones/minerals! ***(Reward for your help!)***
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
SD -

The 3 smaller ones are likely quartzite variants... The larger one is likely a sedimentary rock - quartzite also prolly - note the granular texture.

The 3 smaller ones appear to be grossular crystal fragments - that is to say they exibit no overt characteristics of the crystal structure, i.e. facets. Quartzite is named for its physicl appearance, so the pink is rose quartz, the white one is usually called crystal spar, and the yellowish one would be a citrine.

Note the heavy weathering. They all seem to have fared about the same, so they prolly have the same hardness - another reason other than just the appearance that I think they're all the same type of rock. Assuming you got them from the same place.

Hard to tell more with out physical tests.

That said they are nice rocks, and how they feel to you is what matters... I have many rocks of my own that only appeal to me. Others would pass them by.

Enjoy them.

 Quoting: MCB



I did not find them all in the same place.

In fact, I found them in abandoned belongings. There was a few small drawers of broken glass (artistic type glass) and then these stones were in there.

Thought they looked nice, and were lonely and abandoned.

So, I adopted them!

Anyone else have any ideas?
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