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Palm Beach County School Suspends Hunter Safety Gun Program


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United States
01/09/2013 06:42 PM

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Palm Beach County School Suspends Hunter Safety Gun Program
Hey Gang,

Well I do not want to cause an uproar at this point, incase this all gets resolved.

Here is the story

We live in Northern Palm Beach County Florida our 3 kids attend public high school I have twin Daughters and a Son.

All Three of our kids are in the high school environmental program which has been around for about 20 years. Each year the students spend time in a different Florida Habitat. The freshman training involves a Four night wilderness experience in the Corbit area. A state owned large hunting area. The class will enjoy camping out, basic survival training, biology, ecology, geology...and Gun Safety Hunter education course...

The Gun Safety Hunting Program is run by State Wildlife officers, it is I am proud to say one of very few State Of Florida High school Gun safety Hunter Safety programs remaining...

The Young adults learn about Shot Guns, Rifles and Pistols each kid spends a day learning proper handling and safety training in the proper use of the Gun...little stuff 410's and .22 rounds

At some time in your life you will probably encounter a weapon...or if you are so inclined might take it up as a hobby...

Where we live is on the cusp of old Florida and the New York Florida... Manny S. Floridians Natives have found this area to be home after fleeing the overcrowding of Dade and Broward Counties... We Live in great beautiful community and consider ourselves Saltwater Cowboys best of both worlds..

The Hunter Safety program is only a part of the four day experience and students can opt out of this portion no problem, if they or their parents would prefer they do not participate in handling the guns...

So you can probably figure where this story is headed

Well you guessed it today Palm Beach County Schools pulled the plug on the entire excursion due the Hunter Safety program.

It just stinks...1/2 the problem with our youth today is they are not provided the opportunity to get outside, and if they would learn properly about why you respect a firearm
whether or not you would hunt or not this experience is an important educational for many reasons....


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United States
01/09/2013 09:12 PM

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Re: Palm Beach County School Suspends Hunter Safety Gun Program
one selfish bump