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Message Subject the GLP image-smile therapy room
Poster Handle Sloane
Post Content
 Quoting: Sloane

 Quoting: Baroness

Whoah that stopped me right in my tracks. hf


It was a message that I learned the hard way...sometimes it seems as if all men are cowards.

Too bad I'm not a lesbian.1dunno1

Yes well most of us learn our lessons the hard way ;)

But no not all men are cowards and believe me there are plenty of mean lesbians out there.

I live in a town with a large gay community, and most lesbians seem to have continuous major jealous drama happening.

Even in the mornings at the dogpark where I take my dog to run, there is usually some backbiting bitchfest going on between 'couples'. Geez!

(Note no offense to any lesbians out there, just saying it's not necessarily the 'easier' path.)

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