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Message Subject 14 year old girl committed suicide over Bieber's smoking habits
Poster Handle Hellena Handbasket
Post Content

I think this other thread explains why Barbie posts on GLP.

Barbie reminds me of this young woman I knew who could not stop looking at herself in the mirror. It became a problem for her because she was nearly always late for school and later for a job. Which she lost.

When I read Barbie's threads I feel sorry for her.
She seems to be a chatty girl with some kind insistance that she be heard and become a kind of "star" personality here. She has exposed herself, that is a fact.

Just look at her red karma to see what kind of reaction she receives. Its not good, for the most part.

Some young girls do not have enough life experience to understand how vulnerable & unsafe it is to reveal their personal life (and sexy pics) on a world wide forum.

Self-absorption seems magnified in these text/chat/IM/facebook girls who have grown up doing this.

It is a type of narcisstic and unsafe & unrealistic viewpoint to beleive that it is of no consequence to behave this way. To REVEAL all... ALL!!

Why can't they stop what they are doing???

Barbie seems driven to keep doing this even tho' it is painful to watch the verbal beatings she takes.
Only, it doesn't seem to BOTHER her.
She keeps coming back for more.

SOMEBODY!! EXPLAIN this to me!!
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