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Message Subject ****112 keeps coming up in the media******
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I found this site and I can't fully understand his method but he mentions 112 and Judgement day.
Here are some snippets:

'112'. As it happens, 112 is the exact number of days from New Year's Day back to 9/11 which also happens to be (usually) the first day in the Coptic calendar.

Let me also mention that adding 112 days to March 11 ('Judgment Day') will bring us to July 1.

there are various key numbers driving the 'Judgment Day Time Code' woven into the STR matrix such as 311, 112, 225, 911, 253, 618, etc. While I'm sure the 'Judgment numbers' 311 and 911 are simple enough to understand, it is '112' that's coming to the forefront at this time.
[link to www.goroadachi.com]

Adding 112 days to 9/11 gives us New Year's Day, just as 9/11 usually marks the first day of the Coptic calendar.
The deadly Iran (Zarand) quake on 2/22/05, a major event in the 'Judgment' scheme, came exactly 112 days after the 2004 US presidential election held on a '112' day (i.e. 11/2).
Indy 500 (5/29) took place exactly 112 days after Super Bowl (2/6) [Note: This one, obviously important, was added to the list 6/14; somehow I forgot to mention it before!]
The Jackson trial jury began deliberating on June 3, which was the 112th day countering from 2/12/05, the day of Madrid's Windsor Tower fire and NYC's 'orange gates'.
112 days in between:
Damageplan shooting (12/8/04) and Terri Shiavo death (3/28/05)
Sumatra #1 (12/26/04) and beginning of papal election (4/18/05)
New Year's Day 2005 and official installment of the new pope Benedict XVI (4/24/05)

And along the same line, adding 112 days to 2/22/05 (Iran quake) gives us 6/14/05.
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