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Message Subject ****112 keeps coming up in the media******
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Tips to Keep the Flu At Bay in Your Home
By: Mechell Dixon
Updated: January 14, 2013

If you think the flu bug is starting to lessen its bite across Texoma, think again.

At United Regional here in Wichita Falls, more than 112 patients have piled into the emergency room with fevers, body aches, headaches and other flu symptoms.

Emergency room officials say their first positive flu case came on November 28th.

Although doctors say most of their patients have been treated and released a few have been hospitalized.

So, how can you keep the flu bug at bay, especially if you have someone sick in your home?......

Full story

[link to texomashomepage.com]

more than 112 patients ? why more than 112 what about more than 100 instead ?
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