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Message Subject ****112 keeps coming up in the media******
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Lots of good research here.

a few things I've noticed everywhere

* 9 and 112
* Red & White... twin pillars, mens ties etc
* F... The letter F - floods, fires, false flags etc
* Names.. similar sounding eg: Peter Johnson & John Patterson in the same story.

hf rockon
 Quoting: MzTreeChick

I am really starting to think this 112 Phenomia is alive, like fire is alive...it may go out for a while but it can burst back to life again. It contorts and twists and changes but it remains the same...If you get what I mean.

When I see 112, a few things come to my mind now.

1. Help...removal of danger or taken out of the way of danger
2. Fire....somewhere either in Europe or the whole world
3. Virus...somewhere either in Europe or the whole world.
4. Oil/war....oil price remains near 112...war oil war oil
5. Death Destruction Compitulation
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