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Message Subject ****112 keeps coming up in the media******
Poster Handle sonarx
Post Content
Mrs. Clinton’s surname and the number 112 printed on the back, for the number of countries she has visited. Okay so she visited 112 countries........she is not planning on visiting more, it stops at 112, right?
 Quoting: powerup

Hillary is definitely up to something, and the code number she's put out for her loyalty check is 112.

February 10 marks 112 day.
 Quoting: powerup

February 10 is 10/2 day in European notation.
February 10 is also the 41st day of the year (the nobody number)
February 11 is 11/2 day in European notation.
February 11 is also the 42nd day of the year (life, the universe & everything).
February 11 is also Sarah Palin's birthday.

112 is the European emergency number...
 Quoting: powerup

Which equals 911 in America, which encodes 9/11.

So, 112 = Emergency = 9/11

Reverse 112 and you get 211.
In European notation, that's 21/1.
In American notation, that's 1/21.
In America, on 1/21, (in violation of the Constitutionally prescribed date of 1/20), Obama gets sworn in for his second term.

So WHY has Hillary - the 4th person in line for presidential succession - reversed the date of the presidential swearing-in ceremony to encode the European emergency number that also translates to 9/11?

And could it be that all of this obviously coordinated, ridiculously over-the-top screaming for gun seizures and the criminalization of over half of the country - and absolutely insane political attack against over half the population that is guaranteed to start a civil war if enacted - is just a wag-the-dog scenario being enacted to cover up something else that Hillary has planned?

After all, it has her trademark - all the subtlety of a brick thrown through a window, with lockstep screaming obedience by media pukes and political slaves.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1610534

This made the most sense to me as February 10 is also a significant spiritual date. February in general is going to be a good month for those who want to raise their consciousness, I'll take the time to do just that and let the Elite do what they have planned.
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