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Biden meets with NRA, faces pushback on Hill over 'executive order' gun control claim

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United States
01/10/2013 01:38 PM
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Biden meets with NRA, faces pushback on Hill over 'executive order' gun control claim
Vice President Biden was preparing to meet Thursday with the National Rifle Association to hear their side of the gun-control debate, but was already facing stiff criticism after claiming the White House could use "executive orders" to address new restrictions.
Republican lawmakers ripped Biden, who plans to have his recommendations to the president by Tuesday, after the suggestion that the administration might go around Congress to implement some, yet unnamed, provisions.
"Vice President Biden would do well to read the 2nd Amendment and revisit the meaning of the phrase 'shall not be infringed,'" Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., said in a statement. "Bypassing Congress to implement radical policies is never acceptable."

Read more: [link to www.foxnews.com]

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