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Subject A Guy working for USAir in NC claims he was "Abducted by Aliens"
Poster Handle SavedByGrace7
Post Content
I hope I don't break any rules by posting this. This is a music video my friends of the band F.O.D. put out. It's based on a true story about a guy who works for USAir in Charlotte. He came to work one day claiming he was abducted by Aliens. This guy is harassed daily at work because of his "out of this world" experience. So Gnat, the lead singer, decided to write a song about it. Im pretty sure he sang and played all the instruments. His riffs are insane.

Hope someone gets a kick out of it, it was made solely to make people smile (and poke fun at the guy at work), and not for them to criticize every aspect of it. I mean, hey, it's not your high budget illuminatti backed music, which makes it that much better. Enjoy!

"Hey admin I wont be coming in, Ive been abducted by aliens!"

"Hey Dr. Zogg, Ill need a note, or USAir will think this is a joke, if you come back another day, Ill need you to sign a FMLAaaaaaa" LOL
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