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Message Subject I'd like to learn more about astrology.
Poster Handle Vision Thing
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I studied it a lot when I was a teenager, learned all the glyphs, elements, rulerships, qualities etc. and I can read an ephemeris.

I dropped it on and off over the years but the last two years I had a strong resurgence of interest and bought a lot of Robert Hand books and read them a lot. He is my favorite astrology author. His book Horoscope Symbols is very good.

At that site others mentioned, [link to www.astro.com] you can enter your birth data and also your friends and relatives' birth data in your free account, and get daily transit information and short transit reports, use the interactive partner charts for free, all kinds of cool features to play with on that site and good articles. Highly recommended.

Did someone mention that book "The Only Way to Learn Astrology"? It is kind of basic, but very well organized to learn the planets, signs, houses etc.
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