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Message Subject Do The Women Stay Home Cooking and Sewing While The Men Take This Country Back?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'll tell you how it's going to be. Everybody you know will be tripping over each other to see which one can get to the phone first to drop a dime on you.

If you get shot and go to a hospital, you will be immediately arrested and dissapeared likely before you recieve any treatment.

Your bank accounts will be immediately frozen, your family will have no money. They will likely be the first to consider taking the reward on you.

As soon as you're identified your house will be raided and your wife and children killed accidently during the raid. Any that survive will become wards of the state and dissapear.

If you are caught you will be thrown in a cell with negroid robbers and rapists and the guards will instantly become deaf and mute.

It will be a brutal war to the death, don't get shot, don't get caught, kill everyone.
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