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Message Subject Do The Women Stay Home Cooking and Sewing While The Men Take This Country Back?
Poster Handle Mia41
Post Content
i would love to stay home and care for the needs of all within the home.....
as a matter of fact i have built a life around this lifestyle, i work from home and love to be home....
i care for my children, and the last is almost full grown now...
the men in my life seem to just want to live off my hard work....
..........now a am alone, because i refuse this weakness in my life.
i dream of that man who is strong enough to be a man......
so that i can be soft enough to be a woman......
may the true balance be returned to the earth.
 Quoting: seer

I was the same as you.. but I got mine now. He can do anything.. well almost.

He just broke my laptop and can't seem to fix it. LOL!! I think he is going to throw up.. he is so upset about messing it up.
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