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Message Subject Do The Women Stay Home Cooking and Sewing While The Men Take This Country Back?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The times have changed drastically since the last wars, and women have been targeted to leave the home and act like a whore.. not saying all fell for it, but it has happened to the majority as we all witness this daily when we leave the house.

So imagine a war in our own country!! Most women have not learned the fine art of cooking, cleaning, sewing, and nursing someone back to health; most learned about makeup, porn, stilleto heels, and the fine art of manipulation..

How comforting is that to the men who will be defending us? If I was a man, I would be more worried about the quality of care you will receive more-so than fighting a war.

all of the movies, tv shows, magazines, commercials, etc.. that have been on going for many years were targeted at women just for this moment.. to tear down the family, the community, and the overall support of our nation.

I do hope there are many women out there who can hold down the fort, shoot a gun and stir the stew without blinking an eye..

I'd like to hear all about it right here!!
 Quoting: Mia41


I doubt there are any women in the US.

I doubt there are any men, left, as a matter of fact.

But there are over 300 million greedy, snobs who believe whatever the fuck their overlords tell them. 300 million arrogant, fat, lazy and egotistical fuckers. Nobody cares for the other beyond their interests and where everybody love in grand cities in a lonely manner. Nobody knows even their neighbors.

That's all.
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