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Message Subject Raw Helicopter Footage At Sandy Hook
Poster Handle F F S
Post Content
Does anyone notice the first two rows of cars, and a few in the back, Whats weird about them?
 Quoting: <<TIMEWATCHER>>

In the one row every car except one is backed in to its spot, in the row behind it every car is just pulled in normal, so just about every car is facing the school.
 Quoting: None123456

omg you're right. They are all facing the wrong way.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19188476

Not one going the other way? Fuckin' a, so when everybody shows up to work they have an unwritten rule that you pull to those spots first like that?

So we are to believe there were 26 people executed, some in piles and they determined everyone was dead with no one else possibly injured in the building, and told the ambulances to not get near the building?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31723671

I worked for an oil exploration company and being a high risk industry and the fact that a lot of oil is in, shall we say, less than savoury areas of the world, we were all given training for risk, and one of them was you never parked in front ways to a space, always rear so it was only 1 movement out, this is the same training given to diplomats, alphabet agencies etc, so looks like spooks cars.

the more i see and read about Sandy Hook the more alarm bells ar ringing
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