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Message Subject Raw Helicopter Footage At Sandy Hook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is just more and more as each thing is examined, that shows up.. i read that article linked above, and this part struck me as strange.. well the whole damn thing is strange but this particularly..

"It’s a 2.3-mile drive from the Newtown station to Sandy Hook Elementary School: A left, a right and another right. The first on the scene were nine Newtown officers, divided into three teams of three, including the police chief. They were the first, after the shooter, to force their way into the school, via the front lobby and the rear door.

Inside: silence. The air smelled like the department’s firing range: spent gunpowder.

By that time, 1,000 feet down the road from the school, William Halstead, the chief of Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue, knew something was wrong. From his desk, he had heard the sirens as the first squad cars passed — a typical sound for this stretch of Route 6, which connects Newtown’s Main Street with Interstate 84 — but he thought nothing of it until the noise began to compound."

Ok.. so 1,000 feet... and he didnt hear 100+ rounds of a semi automatic gun going off .. it would of echoed nicely from the top of that rise that the school sits on... the fire house and neighbours would of heard the continuous sound of gunfire for the full 4-6 mins it took ..

Yet no neighbours heard these shots.. no one at the fire house heard the shots and went running up the driveway or called police.. not even the students heard 100+ rounds being fired off...

So is that strange.. or is it just me?
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