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Message Subject Raw Helicopter Footage At Sandy Hook
Poster Handle Redcat1
Post Content
In the newspaper article it saids that the ambulances were told to turn around and come back ? Yet there were survivors . It stated no EMT's entered the building. So. Only the Sheriff and his team of 9 actually went inside ? None of this makes any sense. I know you want to preserve a crime scene but this is overdrive. Has anyone been back in the school ? Were teachers allowed to retrieve personal belongings from their class rooms ? Or has this building been closed off forever ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 907170

Why such a tight lid on all the info related to the crime when the supposed lone gunmen is dead? There won't be a trial.
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

This is a rural area and my question is if the whole town is under a gag order ? Why has the press left this story alone and now focuses on gun control only? It hasn't even been a month yet. geez the Jon Benett murder had journalist hanging around forever asking questions, talking to friends and family. what happened to journalism and investigative reporting ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 907170

This is not really a 'rural' area. It is very wooded residential area.

Newtown is between Danbury and the Southbury area. There are no large farms or farmland. This is they why when people say the 'missing shooters' in the woods may have been local hunters is simply nuts.

There is no hunting area around there. Its all residential with large lots. Plus - it was not standard (rifle) hunting season in CT at the time - at least for deer - the primary game hunters are focused on.

Hunters, hunting within a mile of a school in a residential area? Nuts.
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