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Message Subject Raw Helicopter Footage At Sandy Hook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't think so. Just searching Reuters news stories found out the school still has allowed no one in but police. Then I found the story that said a 5 yr. old went to the new school and found her cubby in tact moved from the old school !!!!!! So the police moved their things from the old school ? WTH

 Quoting: blind squirrel

That's right. Nobody but police... and the Contractor builder. (I can't remember the company name), that was
awarded the no-bid to remove the furniture and desks and all from the school,... and an 80 member team total!

So all that "crime scene" evidence is no good anymore?! Hopefully they didn't slip on the blood all over the floor, right? Oh, wait....they probably had the crew clean up so they can start moving all the crap out of the building and recreating an exact looking interior at the new school?! WTF? Why would they create an "exact" looking environment in the new school??

I would like to know who the contractor was that got the bid to do the work....

I'll try to track it down. I remember reading that they built all these plywood partitions to protect the integrity of the crime scene supposedly.

I just could not figure out why you would do that, when the most logical thing would be to leave that area alone, what's the hurry?

They always have desks and chairs and crap in storage at schools.

If you just HAD to move, then move the library stuff, the 3rd 4th grade wing and the kindergarten and the other unaffected classrooms and BAR THE DOOR to the two class room crime scenes. Am I right? Surely they could have come up with 34 desks from somewhere.

That is just another tip of the hand, to me that there was no crime scene...ever.
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