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Anti-gun libtards... Help me to understand this...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31884089
United States
01/10/2013 10:35 PM
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Anti-gun libtards... Help me to understand this...
So... You say that people who are "paranoid" (AKA VERY CONCERNED) about having their guns rights taken, should HAVE their gun rights taken??

Uhhh... Do you see the insanity in this line of "reasoning"?

I keep hearing this utter nonsense over and over on all the leftard networks and radio stations.

People who know history, SHOULD be highly concerned about recent developments. In fact, people who know history should be HIGHLY concerned ever since Waco, OKC, 9-11, and a hundred lesser incidents since then.

People who know history should be concerned that their "government" has made blatant and KNOWN propaganda to be perfectly legal. People who know history should be HIGHLY concerned about their "government" ramping up for war, with mountains of combat ammo and arms, bullet resistant checkpoint booths, NDAA, Executive Orders controlling ALL resources, transportation, communication, etc...

People should be HIGHLY concerned that the Powers That Suck have made provisions for THEMSELVES, to live comfortably underground in a mega-installation for YEARS if need be. Meanwhile, making it illegal for YOU to even grow your own food, or collect rainwater, or any serious prepping, and considering you to be a "potential terrorist" to be put on a "watch list" if you do.

There is an old saying, libtards...

"If you are not paranoid, then you are not paying attention."

And you would truly need to be a completely brain-dead libtard to NOT see what is going on. But of course, if you are a believer in Marxist, Communism, Fascism, then you probably feel perfectly comfortable. But only because you have a totally false sense of "security", and "immunity" for the HELL that you are advocating and creating.