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Message Subject The North Dakota Town Where A One-Bedroom Apartment Rents For $2,100 A Month
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm from there. Moved away in 06 before the boom hit., Went back for the first time this spring. Got family there still, and many many friends. The boom fucked up that town. This is not a good thing. Williston wasn't very good to begin with, but this boom fucked everything up. Locals are being forced into homelessness by greedy real estate owners who want a piece of the pie. It's sick what has happened there. There has been more murders in Williston since I left, than there was the entire 17 years I called that shit hole my home. And the local law enforcement is so corrupt, inept, and backward, I'd be surprised if they could figure out how to conduct a proper murder investigation.

Think about what that NPR piece is telling you. It's a living horror. Put yourselves in the shoes of the people who call that place home. Hookers make more money in Williston than they do in Vegas?! These people who call Williston home, they don't recognize such as daily life where they grew up. That came with the boom, and is new. All the violence, the influx of drugs and the increase in rapes, the town was a bit rowdy when I grew up there, yeah, but this is ludicrous. And those people that chased after the boom, even NPR tells you they won't bring family there, won't call Williston home. They don't care enough to give that place due respect, treat it's people right, and contribute to society. That boom attracted the parasites, those who's only purpose there is to get as much as they can and leave.

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