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01/11/2013 10:03 AM
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Yes im afraid i have been scamed too.I didnt ask for membership but it has been taken out of my account...did send ID ( silly now ) so off to the bank asap before next pension day...i havent got the samsung phone i won either they keep telling my i have to send ID on the form...you can only win 2 prises in 2 weeks the idea is only 2 prize2 per family a fortnight...the way they work eg samsung phone sold for say $4...But i could have spent $50 on bids to get it plus all the other bids that were bought to bid on it as well so they are not losing by all means ( just we are)they just keep the bids going after the max have been reached...I watched one go on for 4 days ...so how much was scammed on that item that sold for $69 with a value of $800- 900...and yes the open chat...SO RUDE...dont touch them I am going further with my complaint its not fair ...