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Message Subject SPECIES EXTINCTION Includes Me and You and Yours
Poster Handle xSZx
Post Content
Your nature is so repugnant to me,
Broken Mind Structures of Infirmity.
All your faith and beliefs are invalid,
All knowledge of man is perverse,
There is no savior or otherwise,
No heaven for you , no hell yet,
All prophecy and futurisms are false,
DO not dwell upon a hereafter,
All you have is ME.

My Right hand holdeth the Hydra of Faith,
The Seven Headed Snake,
Its body doth gurgle and pop,
Its innards to spew forth as pussy excrement,
So to do i drinketh their fetid poison,
With such spittle do i burn serpent eyes,
Anticipation shall inflame me,
Its heads in one bite!

My Left hand holdeth ten nations,
Every moment of my gaze doth burn them,
Every breath that i blow does infernally blast them,
Each beat of my heart freezes them in terror,
my spoken word shatters their lands,
my presence manifests,
So they eat their own innards,
And so is my hatred their hatred,

You have no God!!

'qui tenebris adfert'
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