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Message Subject SPECIES EXTINCTION Includes Me and You and Yours
Poster Handle 13th-Century
Post Content
This is totally believable and makes a great deal of sense.
I've been watching chemtrails being laid for the better part of two decades- which is when I started noticing them, noticing a fine silvery powder on the broadleafed plants, and later on everything.

These chemtrails are so prevalent now, many of the younger folks- and old too- think nothing of them, and that the 'resulting clouds'are natural. Anything but. How tragic- blasphemous even, and dangerous.

Isn't it interesting too, how all manner of moulds, black moulds etc. have erupted/ surfaced over this same time period.
Not a coincidence imo.

One last thing- I also wonder if this is one purpose for these 'money for old gold' programs- to supply.

Thanks for posting this OP- another big piece just fell into place for me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17743321

The article I posted to start with also said geoengineering began in the 1960's, which I found surprising to say the least; and then it says the program radically accelerated 15 years ago.

That's when I first heard reports about them in alternate news on shortwave radio - 1997.
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