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Message Subject Obama in BIG Trouble.
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
I don't doubt for a minute that scumbag did what the retired admiral accuses him of. That said, this will see as much of the light of day as the birth certificate. Anyone in any position of authority knows, to bring down Obama is to start riots in every major city in America.

Not a single one of them has the balls.
 Quoting: ReVbo™

I think you could be on to something there. Similar idea on this thread.
Thread: Is the US arming its citizens for an invasion?

Could explain all the wacky ideas and blatant disregard for our Constitution. Congress is really trying to get "We The People" to revolt because they know "Washington can't be fixed from the inside"...odd, I believe someone stated that very thing earlier this year on the campaign trail...
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