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Message Subject Obama in BIG Trouble.
Poster Handle The Free Galatian
Post Content
Why do people waste their time going after the President.

Why do people waste their time going after the President.

He is untouchable for a reason.

So he can DO HIS JOB.


The public does not have the clearance level nor the insider knowledge to judge his performance appropriately.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

So therefore we should blindly follow whomever is President?
Just the one that you favor?
 Quoting: mikebo2

You should blindly RESPECT who is in office.

And realize that YOU do not have all the answers.

The President gets the CLASSIFIED MEMOS in the mornings.

Not You.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

I do and always have respected the office of the President of the USA. He is my President.
That does not mean I have to blindly accept what he does as good for MY country. I suggest you do the same.
Don't put your trust in ANY man. Question everything.
 Quoting: mikebo2

He gets attacked a lot, because he acts unilaterally so often, using executive orders.

Have you seen the list of Presidents and their executive orders.

Most Presidents used <10 executive orders per 4 year term.

Obama used over 900 executive orders in his first 3.5 years!!!
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