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Message Subject Obama in BIG Trouble.
Poster Handle Razorbackkid
Post Content
O'bama is a pawn. Just as any non-mason president has been.
 Quoting: Razorbackkid

That is just what masons tell themselves to justify the significance of their organization to themselves.

Keep in mind this...

Mr. Nonmason (Obama) beat Mr. Mason (Romney) in the election.

Now WHY do you think that is?

Maybe because the masons are not the top dogs running the show.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes


Many times to push an agenda it is better to let the opposition expose themselves for the very thing they are.

In Obama's camp (the feel good story for Black America) is nothing other than EXACTLY what I put in parenthesis. Any other person with the ability to put on a pair of pants (or wear a skirt) would have filled the role of Mr. Obama.

It is not beyond reason that in order to bring about a desired result you would sacrifice a few years of time and a country or two.

Please....don't short change yourself in believing that O'bama's Presidency is of chance. It is not.
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