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Message Subject Obama in BIG Trouble.
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content

You should blindly RESPECT who is in office.

And realize that YOU do not have all the answers.

The President gets the CLASSIFIED MEMOS in the mornings.

Not You.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

No he doesn't! He doesn't want them. Valerie gets the memos. has the meetings, tells BHO a little about the reports, and screams at the members of congress that go against her wishes. She doesn't have to scream at them now ... they are too chicken shit scared of her to protest anymore. Can you imagine ... they value their gene pool more than they do us ..... go figure ......
 Quoting: Miss Kitty

I am just trying to condition people to not be so disrespectful to people in power.

It is not healthy for everyone trying to sabotage our President. (like people are currently conditioned to do)

We need to work together and not always try to tear the one from the top of the mountain down.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

You act as if he is somehow exempt from the class warfare he promulgates.

You are obviously an american of low intelligence and easily led astray.

You have zero understanding of civics and your weak mind has fallen prey to the communists who are much smarter than you... they have a name for your type.. "useful idiots". When they accomplish their takeover and you realize you have been duped, you will be stood against the wall and shot in the head, after your body stops twitching and bleeeds out, you will be dumped in a mas grave with all the other useful idiots that have lost their usefulness when they realized they had been duped and protested.

You are a pitiful weak minded fool.

You defend the individual who is the leading edge of the communist takeover of this country.

You are either stupid or a full blown communist who knows what he is doing.. which is it.

And not another word out of you about the animosity directed toward the people at the top. Your savior promtes class warfare and racisn like no other in the history of this country.

and you pathetically defend it. Shut the fuck up and go away. you are an idiot, a useful idiot.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31994929

useful idiot shill is my take.
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