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Message Subject Obama in BIG Trouble.
Poster Handle Miss Kitty
Post Content
Perhaps you should set you sights a little higher. If that pos is all you think you can have you need counseling. What kind of man are you hoping to meet child of Gerald Ford? It certainly doesn't take much to satisfy you does it? Gerald Ford, the head of the Warren Commission ... one of the biggest pack of liars ever on the Earth! And ... the biological child of G.F. enthralled with the lowest form of make believe humanity, now or ever in existence, should just take his/her little happy ass over to BO and have him. Only a lib would deserve the extreme and complete degradation of character, soul, and manhood (sorry if you are female, in that case, womanhood) that comes with being in close proximity to the very Devil himself.
 Quoting: Miss Kitty

Do you work in television?

Because you should.

You know all the "keywords" they use.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Who are they? Television does not tell the truth.
 Quoting: Miss Kitty

Then think for yourself darling.

Why do you automatically assume that the Warren Commission is "evil"?

Maybe there were other things that were more important in terms of governing and protecting the country at that time.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Absolutely there was! They were taking care of their own. Lying to the masses about the popular elite that were involved with blowing the head off of a very popular pres. who had just told the Rothschild demented and degenerated Satanists to take a hike, is always more important than bringing the current pieces of shit, murdering but highly exposed and high level politicians who were not happy with taking care of their country, Constitution and citizens, to justice for their crimes. Citizens, pride of country, loyalty, honesty (such an antiquated concept) get in the way and don't approve of things like Bohemian Grove, the Satanists .. Oh sorry, I mean politicians playground and pseudo office, where the fate of the World is decided by filth of the bloodlines. I assume nothing.
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