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Message Subject Sandy Hook - The Legend of Kaitlin Roig ----Updated 2-13-13
Poster Handle GladioDaddy-O
Post Content

There was some minor confusion between "bathroom" and "closet" in the initial reporting which nobody bothered to correct because NOBODY ELSE GIVES A SHIT.

Meanwhile you're dragging another innocent victim's name through the mud and exposing her to who knows what by putting her face and name out on sites like this which cater to the mentally ill.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13806508

That is not minor confusion. Everything in this crock of shit case is "minor confusion" to you. The guns; Adam/Ryan; mother a teacher; buzzed in, no shot his way in; six killed in Soto's room and seven found in the closet. No , wait, some got out and ended up at Gene Rosen's. Hard drives destroyed. Lack of photographic evidence. Others detained by police at the scene.

I'll tell you why I'm here. I live in Connecticut. I have kids that go to public school in Connecticut. I also know when am being lied to.

It's my tax dollars that support these state cops and politicians.

Do you understand?

The question is: why are you here, 6508?

P.S.- explain why there is not one single story even containing the word 'roig' in the Newtown Bee's database?
 Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

I live in CT too.
Why did Holder meet with Malloy 2 weeks prior?

We here in this state see our local news on this pretty much every day since, and I will tell you that I do not know what happened that day, but it isn't the official story.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22088909

Are there anymore interviews with the dog and pony people? Like Rosen, or any of the families, or anybody that has been paraded at the beginning? Also, what does your local community think about this "event"?
 Quoting: blind squirrel

I haven't seen any interviews with Rosen. They don't dare trot him out again.

I think the sentiment around here is pretty much what it is elsewhere right now.

The Courant did carry the story of the FAU prof. Of course it was a total hit piece. Most of the comments are from ardent sheeple. I made sure to inject some sense in to the discussion though.

Local radio isn't much better.

Thread: UPDATE: Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Abound - Survivors from Ms. Soto's class - Censored by WTIC radio
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