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Message Subject Sandy Hook - The Legend of Kaitlin Roig ----Updated 2-13-13
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I just find it odd that she said the shooting wasn't that long...

We know there were 26 victims, and we know that they had 3-11 bullets in each of them, which, at a minimum would be 78 rounds fired. That seems like it would feel like an eternity to have that many gunshots going off...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28880492

Like so many other "odd" things, as noted by so many, certain other essential facts just do not add up to a reasonable conclusion. This "shooter" has never been described as strong, athletic etc. which is important especially when considering that he did all of this physically demanding carnage so quickly... is it really possible for a skinny male to accomplish the physical necessities under such severe psychological stress?

A stone cold killer shooting children one time, much less multiple times, is not a defensive action it is psychological only... so he was also so full of vile hatred towards those helpless kids he had to re-shoot them so that their parents would know he was not only depriving them of their young lives, but was inflicting extreme trauma to make his point extra hurtful? But what point is that exactly? Did Adam Lanza have a history of hating small children?

The execution of a plan, such as this, requires a mind-set devoid of any conscious empathy. The pre-meditated murder of defenseless children and female teachers carriers a shock value well beyond the Norm even for psycho-killers--- who oddly enough seem to have a very high desire to remain alive AFTER their vile actions, thus to enjoy the success of said acts.

To be so hardened in the heart... that you have no feelings of remorse for wanting much less actually shooting helpless children for no damn reason what-so-ever.... seems quite contrary to the mind-set necessary to then commit suicide. Why worry about shooting some cops who DID not have the advantage of taking him by surprise... he is after all purposely killing teachers and kids.... So why care about shooting some hostages, or inflicting as much additional carnage as possible, after he has set this pre-meditated madness into motion. He pre-planned this well enough to kill his own mother, have his brothers ID and was driving a car he KNEW his mother did not own. Why worry about driving his moms car? If he was going to kill himself after such a brutal mass-killing why bother having any ID or anything else on his person?

The little, insignificant details in this evil act of mass murder cannot be ignored or trivialized due to the context of the act itself. When the details keep changing to fit the desired outcome then something is wrong with the bigger picture. People need to know the truth period.

To be such a gutless, yellow-bellied coward means there is no courage to do the unthinkable so why is the MOTIVE for this act basically nothing at all? What did he gain? Was he striving to prove even a gutless coward like himself can kill harmless kids and teachers?

There are many ways to stop and or kill an out-of-control maniac IF one has the presence of mind to act with proper intentions. A cup or pitcher of any scalding, hot liquid to the face or eyes, a blow to the head with any suitable object, any type of ordinary thing even a damn mop with flammable material being slammed into the head and eyes may prevent or stop even a large male in a do or die scenerio... this was just a skinny male that even a female teacher might have taken down IF she had even the most basic defense skills... this was not some military trained super-solder gone off the deep-end.... no just a whack-job seeking evil notoriety and yet autistic kids or adults just do not behave this way. Those kids posed no threat to him in his daily life or affairs... so what is the connection between him and them to drive this level of animosity to such an extreme end?

So many questions and no genuine answers adds up to one big, stinking pile of BS.... or just another case of Psychotronic Warfare. Keep searching for answers.
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