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Message Subject Sandy Hook Nuns....Picture!!! You Decide.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I got tired of drawing attention to it a couple of weeks ago


there were 2 TWO photos of two nuns

In both photos, the 'women' were the same

However, in one photo, the tall, manly one was wearing a thigh-lenth, dark (grey or black) jacket

In the OTHER photo, the tall, manly one was wearing a knee or below length GREEN jacket AND had a handbag over her shoulder

So okay. I for one do not believe the tall, manly nun just happened to be carrying a different jackt with it when it went to a supposed massacre

Do you? Is that what you'd do ... take a spare jacket with you when you rush to the scene of a supposed massacre?

Only conclusion to be drawn from the two jacket scenario is that there were at least two separate incidents .. maybe one was a rehearsal, the other played 'for real'

On the other hand, someone wanted us to notice the discrepancies. Someone was trying to tip us off to a hoax
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