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Message Subject Sandy Hook Nuns....Picture!!! You Decide.
Poster Handle Curious Cat
Post Content
I see the pictures of the Nuns that someone posted up here from the NewTownBee, but they don't look all together any more like the Nuns from the shooting than Rip Torn without the beard and having glasses. The Nuns in the photo taken in June could have been used as the models to imitate. There have been so many discrepancies with this whole story at this point that I would not believe it until I saw the Nuns live, hearing their voices, from the local Parish they alleged come from. A little make-up, professionally done, using an old photo from a local newspaper can fool a lot of people.

What about the police reporting a maroon van, with Nuns in it and having the back window shot out of it? You see, it is things like that that make this thread a viable one, and not just something to brush off with "whatever," comment. Let's keep the thinking more critical, let's assume it's really true, keep coming up with any and all possibilities trying to disprove it at the same time. Fine tune it, without profanity and ridicule of those trying to contribute ideas. Yeah, I know, freedom of speech, but I think we can all limit our adjectives to those appealing to a mixed audience. Once you cuss in any argument, you lose.
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