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Message Subject Walmat FREEZING ALL AMMO...IN ALL STORES!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most if not ALL Americans cannot walk let alone MARCH at a pace more than half a mile without getting side aches.
You guys have nothing on the soldiers who in just basic have to run miles under minutes and march vast distances at a uniform pace.
What can billy bob the Cami wearing fool do if he gets winded taking the stairs?
All the guns and ammo in the world are useless against military trained soldiers and the equipment they have at their disposal which ironically you pay for and will ultimately used to to spank you.


They have the resources and you do not. Bitching about a box of ammo being scarce when they buy it by the billions of rounds in one day?
Holy fuck you guys are dumb.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6801639

This assumes that these trained soldiers will fight and kill their neighbors and families for a corrupt government. If you were to talk to some of these active and vets you will see they are for the most part awake to things
 Quoting: GaryMule

Ugh nope.
You are in for a rude awakening. These same troops who suddenly will grow a conscience when it is Americans they are ordered against and not the peasants of some foriegn land they shot without thinking or questioning?
They will do what they are told because guess what... a culture exists and it is called getting a check/money/food for you and your own family, screw others.
This is the mentality prevalent today. When is the last time you have seen someone open a door for someone else or carry groceries for a little old lady?
Very rare yes?
What has happened in other countries will happen here and ANYONE who believes otherwise is a fucking tool.
Your faith and your fucking hope mean Nada.
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