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Message Subject Walmat FREEZING ALL AMMO...IN ALL STORES!!!
Poster Handle Ohwow!
Post Content
A conversation overheard by a friend of mine in a Wal Mart store. My friend observed two boxes of ammo on the shelves and was wondering why so little. Another man came in and stood near him and called for the manager. The man said, "I have been buying my ammo here for years. Why is there nothing left on the shelves?" The manager said, "I don't know, we get in new shipments all the time and someone buys them up." The man said, "buys them up?" "How many boxes do they buy at one time?" The manager said, "hundreds at a time." The man said, "who is, why so many at once, is it several people?" The manager said, "look, all I know is we restock our shelves with the last shipment at midnight and someone comes in and buys hundreds of boxes." "I don't know if it is more than one person."

Being a conspiracy theorist, it just makes me wonder who is it that is cleaning the shelves of ammo out at night when everyone is asleep? Do they have an agenda?
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