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Message Subject Pack your bags... AFTERMATH...
Poster Handle Chip
Post Content
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Check out his Facebook page. WOW, judging by these comments on his page the minority isn't black or white, the minority is the people that are awake...seriously. There's ven a fuckwad on there that said...numerous times:

Jimmy Velazquez The 2nd Amendment is outdated and should pertain to the arms of that era only,muskets! After the recent events in New York, I suppose the NRA will want the firefighters armed as well as armed guards at all mall entrances and churches. What a wonderful world for children to grow up in! Happy New Year?
The best and surest way to get gun control legislation passed in this country is for all Latinos, Asians, and people of color to join the NRA, apply for concealed weapon permits, and becoming gun nuts to protect our neighborhoods! Regulation would happen SWIFTLY!
Don't try to understand my statement, you're obviously not "Kosher" with my opinion, the hate that your kind exudes when you're confronted with the possibility of losing your toys for the better of human kind only tells me that you'll never get it!

We are SO fucked people
 Quoting: Darth Hitman

Holy shit....did you read the "From a friend" paragraphs? It's a rebellion breakdown. Interesting read.
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