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Subject What's he best way to beat the NWO Gun Grab and take over? (Poll)
Poster Handle Butt Pincher
Post Content
Here's your choices: #1. Non-compliance: We can all be hero's...... (NON-COMPLIANCE).. .. They can't do anything to us.. without our compliance. How can they arrest thousands or millions of people at the same time in many states? How can they collect millions of guns without compliance?.. Not enough man power or hours in a day to accomplish that...... #2. (Compliance) for my families sake. #3. Voting. #4.Protesting..(occupy movements) #5.Riots. #6.. (Armed Response) resisting with weapons..if confronted with force. #7. Too chicken ass to vote. I think these are the only 7 choices we have. I made this poll to bring non-compliance to the table...it is never mentioned! Non-compliance means.. refusing the vaccinations.. fluoride.. GMO's.. public schools... Fed income taxes.. body scanners.. finger printing.. registering guns..not paying fines.. ect..
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