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Message Subject BREAKING (new info) Retired Four Star Admiral Exposes Obama's Role In Bengazi
Poster Handle Rinty
Post Content
This is FAR more than just Adm. Gaouette and General Ham.
The real concern behind the scenes is the chain of command. Back in the 90s some forces, (then called such as neocons, but more now), were altering the chain of command using Joint Forces Command out of NOB. Using the cover of merging services they were putting in a separate command structure that could be activated at any time. An army battalion, for example, commanded by an O-5, Lt. Colonel, would have on staff an Air Force 0-2, first lt. At any time the First Lt. could get Joint Force Command orders and be over the Lt. Colonel.
Notice that when both Adm Gaouette and General Ham received requests for help from Bengazi they both sent forces to help. Each had juniors on the staff that sent information up another chain of command the countermanded the orders of both Adm. Gaouette and Gen. Ham. And at the same time both Gen. Ham and Adm Gaouette were relieved and replaces by the two subordinates.

This was first made known, in a heavy way, by the retired Lt. General Paul Van Riper after Millenium 2000. When they needed Van Riper as consultant for Iraq II then all that stuff was wiped from the Internet.

Truth is that we donít know where that second and higher chain of command goes.
There is far more concern here that you donít hear of. This is inside higher ranks as well as Oathkeeper type rank and file.
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