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Subject Manitoba Chiefs invite all Canadians to demand immediate repeal of Bills C-38 and C-45
Poster Handle Mordier L'eft
Post Content
The Chiefs of the First Nations in Manitoba invite all Canadians and non-­‐ governmental organizations (NGOs) to join First Nations in requesting the immediate repeal of Bills C-­‐38 and of C-­‐45 as well as the repeal of any existing or proposed legislation that impact waters, fisheries and the environment.

The widespread changes to Canada’s legislative framework brought about by these two “omnibus” bills affects all Canadians, not just First Nations. These bills, which are now law, modify over 160 laws and regulations in numerous areas and weaken the legislative protections hard-­‐won by all segments of the Canadian population over the last several decades.

These Bills profoundly scale back the legal protection of the water and of nature leaving almost no protection in many environmental areas. These changes are intended by the Conservative government to open the door for foreign-­‐owned corporations to develop the waters, minerals and natural resources within the ancestral lands of First Nations and Canadian territory.

[link to rabble.ca]
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