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Message Subject Manitoba Chiefs invite all Canadians to demand immediate repeal of Bills C-38 and C-45
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You don't know how happy I am that this is happening.
As soon as I read up on this bill c45 in early Dec.,I knew Harper was selling us out. Canada has the largest amount of fresh water in the world right? Water is set to become a precious commodity, more scarce than oil. I thought, well this is it. No more fooling around. This is an issue worth taking a stand over.
And lots of people agree! The movement is growing.
I really appreciate that INM was started by women, so you know it will have staying power. They are committed to working outside the official system, so it will truly be grassroots change.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31992525

Yes it looks as if his agenda is corporate.
I am seeing the foreign investment already in full swing and an example is the chinese owned mine who recently brought in several foreign workers from their homeland who can't wait to send money back home ...as heard on a CBC Radio interview roughly a month ago, give or take.
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