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Message Subject Manitoba Chiefs invite all Canadians to demand immediate repeal of Bills C-38 and C-45
Poster Handle David Fap
Post Content
Before the government does anything, i think the millionaire chiefs and their outright raping of band money needs to be stopped and investigated. Spence can make a nice phony show but at the end of the day its her ilk which are dooming and fucking over the average native. There is no logical reason for the amount of cold hard cash these tin pot criminal chiefs loot from their own people thru various schemes, its all greed. A chief and immediate family and friends gorge themselves of the cash and literally down the road people live in squalor. Its a disgrace, and essentially treasonous to their own people. Plenty of these so called chiefs, who lord over a few thousand people in shitty huts,, make more money than fortune 500 ceo's. Fuck this idle no more bullshit, you should focus on a loot no more movement and send those fat scammer chiefs to prison.
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