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Message Subject Manitoba Chiefs invite all Canadians to demand immediate repeal of Bills C-38 and C-45
Poster Handle 13th-Century
Post Content
Can any of you idle no more pawns actually make a coherent and logical explanation why chiefs need to have salaries and so called expenses that are several hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars tax free? Just explain that. Why does Spences boyfriend get paid $850 a day tax free? Explain that you pawns. How does Spence get paid $8000 a month tax free to run a little day care? Explain that pawns. You cant, its just fucking pigs at the trough and all you idle bullshit is backfiring, depsite slanted cbc propaganda. Mainstream Canada is fed up with this bullshit.
 Quoting: David Fap

Well, of course, you have your facts wrong.

Mr. Kennedy, 'the boyfriend', has over 25 years' experience as an accountant, and it is his company that was hired to do the work at Attawapiskat, and Chief Spence had no input at all into engaging him. He has a staff working for him. The roughly $18,000 per month covers salaries and expenses, for him and for staff. According to the federal guidelines under which the bands operate, there is a tremendous amount of paperwork to be handled every month.

Kennedy does not prepare the annual Financial Statements, however, as those are done by a firm in Timmins, so there is independent oversight of the band's expenditures.

The Financial Statements for the past seven years are available from the Attawapiskat First Nations website, and go up annually, in full transparency.

The Deloitte and Touche audit, which was leaked earlier this week, refers to a special audit which was done during the reign of the "third party manager," The toxic situation was not a positive time for sharing information and documentation with the federal government's accusatory Montreal accounting firm. Attawapiskat meanwhile saw their funding completely cut off for six solid months, because the "third party manager" arrangement fell apart in practice.

In August, a federal judge ruled against the government and in favour of Chief Spence, regarding the "third party management" plan.

Likewise, during the time Chief Spence operated the Daycare Center, the $8,000 covered such things as staff, insurance, supplies, meals, etc.

It is very easy, if you are given insufficient information by the media, to jump to negative conclusions.

Today, Chief Spence said more than once that the Prime Minister himself has made "FALSE STATEMENT" about the situation.

You have a lying Stephen Harper, and a lying media.

Roll in it.
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