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Message Subject Democrats urge Obama to be ready to bypass Congress on debt limit
Poster Handle IssueX
Post Content
Setting the "Precedent"
 Quoting: TastyThoughts

The executive branch was never meant to have the ability to control the budget for all of government.

 Quoting: Bucephelus

So first we hear that POTUS might use an executive order to push through a new mandate on guns

basically giving the finger to representative government

Now the elected members themselves are begging him to bypass them and again rule by fiat

Why bother having elections then?

Apparently we just got ourselves a king

Y'know, I didnt like Bush much either, but honestly , if Bush had done half this crap, democrats would be howling tyranny and dictatorship

but when their guy does it, it's A-OK

Both sides suck eggs...time for a new party, obviously these two aren't up for the job of representing us
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