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Message Subject HAARPstatus indicating Earthquake in California!!!! "3RD !!!" site issuesWARNING
Poster Handle TOPguy
Post Content
you asked i gave it. cut and paste so what. i didnt make the shit up. its striaght from the site.

does anyone really know when HAARP weapon in alsaka is on? doubtful. what has this site done to you for you to be negetive about it. maybe haarp has been used on you.
 Quoting: TOPguy

Yes we really know when HAARP is on in Alaska, because they friggin tell us. It's on that website I've posted twice.

[link to www.haarp.alaska.edu]

The fact that you care what haarpstartus.com says, and yet you're not even aware of the actual HAARP data site, proves your opinion is worthless.

That's like claiming to be an expert in Picassos by only studying the knockoffs.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26339639

ok if you say so. the goverment is going to tell you when its on or not. prehaps they tell you when its on becuase thats what they want you to follow. come on man think about it. and your opinion is worthless too if your not in alaska pressing the on button.
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