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Message Subject To Shoot Tyrants: Judge Andrew Napolitano
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The argument is one of logic and truth
it is not a moral question

th fact is that america has a legal foundation of principals called the consitution to deny this and act aganist those principlas set out in writing is a legal act of treason.

Yet the purpose remains clear for the requirement of no law being made aganist the right for the people to bear arms is on of fear of tyranny.
i must stress their is no spiritual or moral requirement or thought in this or any other part of the constitution

it is man law justifying its own self
by looking at Gods permissable will
by the faxct God does not intervene directly in this time of grace and punish those who violate his commands by returing evil for evil
this is the fact of the matter

God does not want anyone to return violence for violence
and he does not want ayon to live by the sword.

but ALSO
God expects all men to obey human governmental systems of law in the main, for he has allowed all human authorities in the same manner, through his permissable will.
so it is true to violate the consitution and diobey it
would be wrong.
But then the constittion does not compell anyone to bear arms
that is decision they should morally make in regards to Gods commandments he gave through Jesus Christ, which are NOT MAN MADE LAWS OR CONSITUTIONS.
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