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Message Subject To Shoot Tyrants: Judge Andrew Napolitano
Poster Handle <<TIMEWATCHER>>
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Great thread OP. The Judge is my hero and has been from the first time I heard him.

I read a book on American history recently and according to what it said, there were actual many congressmen and senators that argued during the slavery issue that human beings actually thrive as slaves and WANT to be slaves for the security it provides. In fact, this was argued many times two hundred years before the Civil War as well.

If you really think about it as you watch the shopping frenzies on Black Friday or any of the numerous other "America's Lowest" moments that occur regularly, a very strong arguement can be made that this is true for a lot of the mindless minions.

Perhaps our criminal sellout scum-bag government has come around to this theory again. It certainly seems as though slavery for us all IS their plan, no?
 Quoting: Black Knight

hf If you get time check out the book he put out called "The Constitution in Exile" Its really good
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