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Message Subject To Shoot Tyrants: Judge Andrew Napolitano
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The man speaks the truth but who pulls his strings. He is provided a platform by the msm. They play both sides of the coin, always with an objective. Need I remind the same people that conspiratize (prob not a word) everything the msm says, that you can't pick and choose the coverage that suits your beliefs. They want a revolution. The solution...beats me? I've ran circles down the rabbit hole, I'm at wits end.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31963708

I have what I believe is the solution.. in fact the only one that will work.. Of course it is ignored.. Thread: What's he best way to beat the NWO Gun Grab and take over? (Poll)
 Quoting: Butt Pincher

Collective non compliance would be fantastic. But can we "prep" for those complicit individuals that will need us after shtf? I'd love to. But I don't have the resources to. I fear it's hopeless, hence I live on a beach, eat fresh foods, and am enjoying life while I can. The cards have been dealt, play your hand to the fullest. Now is the hour of the time, or something like that :)
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